K-12 And Higher Education Legal Matters

At Griffin Newell, LLC, we naturally attract clients who value thoughtful attorney-client collaboration as much as we do. This approach is especially valuable in areas involving children and families. In our initial conversations with you about educational concerns, we will listen carefully and take the time to discover what you care about most.

Navigating Colorado School Problems And Protecting Student Rights

Our Denver law firm offers personalized counsel in pursuit of customized solutions in education law matters and related issues. Attorney Katie Newell's professional path has included extensive work helping low-income parents of children with disabilities navigate educational systems. Today, at Griffin Newell, LLC, the patient, attentive approach is a hallmark of the practice, encompassing many education law matters such as:

  • Special education plans
  • School discipline
  • Discipline of students with disabilities, including autism
  • District boundaries and admissibility
  • Admission, suspension and expulsion issues in all levels of education, including college and university
  • Problems regarding student loans
  • Title IX
  • Gender discrimination in secondary and post-secondary education
  • Bullying, including social media bullying

The beauty of working with a small, local law firm like ours is the opportunity for truly customized legal counsel. Our clientele — like patients who appreciate seeing doctors who will take time to listen and answer questions — appreciate our tailor-made counsel.

School Discipline K-12

Is your teenager on the verge of being expelled? Does he or she face juvenile court issues? We want to help you resolve such problems with as little disruption to your child's education as possible. In some situations, there may be additional legal protections for students with disabilities who are facing a school discipline matter. We are ready to help you in school discipline matters with your family's overall goals and wellbeing in mind.

Education And Family Matters Often Go Hand-In-Hand

Are you concerned about your child's school-related issues that seem to grow more complex as time goes by? Resolution may or may not come through negotiations with the school and school district. These avenues may not be just right for your case. Is the problem situation actually a family matter — such as a needed guardianship or a co-parenting situation? As education law is one of our practice areas, we are prepared to help you discover where your answers lie — and guide you accordingly.

What Our Client Focus Can Mean For You

Griffin Newell, LLC, is here for you. We understand that accessibility can be a problem for many people who need a lawyer's help. We make every effort to keep the doors open for those who will benefit most from our advice and representation. These efforts include:

  • Flexible schedules for consultations
  • Free initial consultations
  • Affordable legal fees, with payment plans as necessary and appropriate
  • Careful explanations in plain English of laws and processes

When you meet with a lawyer at our firm, we will do our best to listen closely and answer your questions about education law. You can expect to learn about your options, realize you are truly heard, prepare to make informed decisions and in general, get a head start on creative, workable solutions to your school-related challenges.

Schedule an initial consultation to discuss your concerns and options. Call 303-848-2256 or email us for a prompt response.