Family-Focused Legal Solutions

Family law is special because issues are personal. At the same time, family law intersects in a business-like way with harsh financial realities. People and assets are both important aspects of many family law matters.

Getting the legal help you need can seem daunting — especially when you never wanted a divorce or child custody dispute. Whether it was your choice or not, you know you need direction. That is where Griffin Newell, LLC, comes in. Our client-focused Colorado family law practice is designed with you in mind. Among other things, this means we:

  • Welcome potential clients who just want to talk and explore options
  • Also welcome potential clients with urgent situations that require swift, decisive action
  • Offer flexible consultation schedules
  • Offer free initial consultations
  • Listen carefully, empathize and work closely with potential clients in discovering and implementing solutions

In sum, we aim to provide our Denver-area clients with personalized counsel and representation geared toward clients' values. We value the importance of maintaining stability for your children and helping you find the resources you need to support them

Serving Traditional And Nontraditional Families Facing Family Law Challenges

Allow us to work with you to find the best ways forward for your:

  • Contested or uncontested divorce
  • Division of assets, including retirement accounts with QDROs required
  • Child custody and visitation (also known as parenting time or co-parenting in most cases)
  • Child support case
  • Parenting time determination and modification
  • Domestic violence matters, including orders of protection
  • Post-decree modifications
  • Stepparent adoptions and other adoptions
  • Premarital and post-nuptial agreements
  • Grandparents' rights questions
  • Unmarried parents and LGBT family law issues
  • Dependency and neglect defense

Your priorities and concerns will be ours when you work with family law attorneys Katie Newell and Ian Griffin at our Stapleton, Denver-area firm. What about family law issues involving a special-needs child? Our firm is ready to help you find creative, customized solutions in this and all family law situations.

Family Law Issues With A Special Needs Child And Other Unique Circumstances

Is your child-related issue educational? Or family law-related? Or both? Do you need intervention with your school district? Are you a grandparent in need of a guardianship? Does your son or daughter at the heart of a child custody case need juvenile defense? Whatever challenges your family faces, we pledge to take the time to listen carefully, provide referrals to professionals as is appropriate and advise you on legal steps you can take to resolve your issue.

Time Waits For No One — We Are Here For You At All Stages Of Your Family Life

Family law representation is often not a one-shot arrangement. You may need a lawyer's answers to your questions and practical help time and again as your children move through different life stages. Get reasonable, rational answers and advice by calling 303-848-2256 or sending an email inquiry through this website.