Accessible Attorneys Offering Personalized Legal Services

Accessible Attorneys Offering Personalized Legal Services

Legal Protection For Colorado Consumers

At Griffin Newell, LLC, our forte is helping real people solve everyday problems. Please do not click away if you don’t see your problem mentioned here specifically. We will gladly discuss your situation in a free consultation and help you determine the best course of action. Our practice area of consumer protection encompasses a wide spectrum of general business-related problems. We advise and represent Coloradoans who have been:
  • Taken advantage of by retailers, contractors and other commercial entities
  • Sold a bill of goods
  • Sold “lemon” automobiles – new cars plagued with problems
  • Charged exorbitant prices for unsuccessful repairs
  • Wrongly sued by creditors
  • Deceived through bait-and-switch sales tactics
  • Harmed financially through fraud and trickery
  • Cheated by manufacturers and vendors who fail to honor warranties
  • Promised home repairs that were not completed

Auto Dealer Fraud, Warranty Fraud And More

We handle many breach of contract claims – a legal category that serves as a wide umbrella offering help to mistreated consumers. Ask us about release of mechanic’s liens, Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) violations and more.

Don’t Think Your Case Is Too Small – Let Us Explore Your Options With You

Whatever hardship or wrongdoing you have experienced as a consumer in this state, our law firm is ready to assist. We will start by listening to your story and helping you gather documentation. We will evaluate the facts and apply creative analysis to discovering your options. Even seemingly minor consumer fraud matters may make viable cases. When we win fraud cases, we are often able to compel the wrongdoer to pay attorneys’ fees as well as compensate the wronged consumer.

Contact A Denver Lawyer

Get ideas, answers and solutions to your consumer complaints involving a major appliance, a car or a home repair that did not materialize. Call 720-727-9363 or inquire online to schedule a no-obligation consultation with an attorney regarding consumer matters.