Victimized By Auto Dealer Fraud? Get Help.

Clients of Griffin Newell, LLC, often seek our advice about violation of their consumer rights. Common quotes about auto dealer fraud and breach of warranty issues can include:
  • “They promised a certain price or features but the delivered product was more expensive or not according to specs.”
  • “The car has had multiple mechanical failures and now they have stopped trying to fix it when something goes wrong.”
  • “The repair shop did the same repair several times – or different repairs each time we took it in – and it is still not reliable. We have spent a small fortune on alleged repairs that did no good.”
  • “This car or truck came with a warranty and the dealer or manufacturer refuses to honor it.”

Do any of these complaints sound familiar? Have you experienced auto dealer fraud and reached a point of frustration? Griffin Newell, LLC, is a strong resource for your side. Our attorneys are diligent, empathetic and equipped to take on consumer legal matters of all types.

Experienced Lemon Law Advocacy

Clients of Griffin Newell, LLC, benefit from in-house technical know-how as well as legal talent at the firm. Skilled, dedicated consumer advocate and attorney Ian Griffin is a former repair shop manager and field engineer. Because of Ian’s expertise, there may be no need to retain an expert witnesses to determine the legal merit of an auto dealer fraud case. He possesses a detailed understanding of technical topics involved in auto dealer fraud and consumer protection law matters. This knowledge base helps our clients’ “lemon law” cases get off to a running start. He prepares well-documented, persuasive fraud claims involving manufacturer, dealer or repair facilities.

Effective legal advice and guidance is accessible to a wide range of clients at our firm. From our law office in the Stapleton area of Denver, we are well-positioned to provide quality local legal counsel to our Colorado neighbors from all walks of life.

No Cookie-Cutter Solutions – Creative Is The Word

In auto dealer fraud cases as in all our practice areas, there is no one-size-fits-all way forward. We approach each client’s case as unique in terms of:

  • Facts
  • Client goals
  • Legal remedies

Understand Your Options And Make The Right Moves

Get answers to your questions along with a listening ear and sound advice. We want to empower you to make informed decisions about your warranty fraud case. We are here to cater to your needs, prioritizing customer service in determined pursuit of results. To schedule a free consultation with a lawyer regarding a consumer matter, call 720-727-9363 or inquire by email through this website.