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Can a dealer refuse warranty work?

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2021 | Consumer Protection, Lemon Laws |

When we buy a new car, we never expect it to have a defective part. However, you may purchase a new vehicle that has a defect, which is why warranties exist. A warranty gives you the right to repairs and services if your new car has a significant problem. Your dealer has a legal obligation to respect the terms of your warranty. Still, they may deny your claims for repairs if they believe that you caused the defect.

Repairs and Lemon Law

Your dealer must respect the terms and conditions of the warranty you signed when you purchased the vehicle. If you’ve had your car for less than a year, you have the right to ask the authorized dealer to make the repairs that your vehicle needs. If your car’s warranty is still valid, it is illegal for them to refuse the repairs.

The manufacturer must attempt to correct your car’s defect without a cost and as many times as necessary until the defect is gone. If you sent your car for repairs more than four times, and the defect remains and impairs the use of your car, you have the right to get a replacement or a refund under Colorado’s Lemon Law. The same applies if your car has been out of service for more than 30 business days of repairs.

Important considerations

Dealers and manufacturers may deny a claim if they believe that the defect results from abuse, neglect or unauthorized modifications. However, that does not mean they can deny your claim because you took it to another repair shop for routine maintenance or other minor repairs. For your claim to be invalid, the dealer must prove that your modifications caused the problem. If they cannot prove that, they cannot deny your claim.

Good record keeping

Car dealers will try to avoid replacements or refunds at all costs, so you must keep track of all the services done to your car, no matter how small or insignificant they may seem. This information will be helpful when you ask for repairs. Also, your service records will serve as evidence if your dealer denies your warranty work and you decide to file a legal claim against them.