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What does Colorado lemon law not cover?

by | Aug 3, 2021 | Firm News |

Purchasing a used car can come with risks since the customer does not always know all of the car’s history. While there is a lemon law in Colorado that can help protect the consumer if they purchased a faulty vehicle, the law does not cover everything.

The Colorado lemon law protects a consumer when a vehicle purchased in Colorado and still within its first year of operation that has some condition which substantially impairs its use and market value after the consumer first notifies the manufacturer by certified mail of the defect.

Before you attempt to file a claim on a lemon, here is what the Colorado lemon law cannot help with:


If the consumer (knowingly or unknowingly) abused the vehicle, the Colorado lemon law likely will not help. Examples of this kind of damage include driving with the emergency brake on, putting gasoline in a diesel engine, or driving the vehicle in an excessive manner that damages the engine.


Failing to care of your vehicle can eliminate any claims you might try to make. Maintaining brakes, fluids, and tires are the owner’s responsibility after purchase.

Unauthorized Modifications

Lifting the vehicle, engine modifications, and other aftermarket add-ons can damage a vehicle beyond repair. If the consumer made these changes themselves and the alteration causes the substantial impairment, the Colorado lemon law will not offer them any ground to file a claim against the seller.

Not sure if you have a claim?

If you recently purchased a vehicle and suspect that you may have a lemon law claim on your hands, do not leave things to chance. Consult with an attorney to review your situation and help determine if you have a viable claim on your hands.