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Accessible Attorneys Offering Personalized Legal Services

Cyberbullying – Know Your Student’s Rights, Whether Targeted Or Accused

Most of us realize how damaging bullying can be and how widespread bullying in social media has become. “Bullying is wrong,” and “online threats and harassment unfairly harm people,” are statements many can agree on.

Online “fighting” and “targeting” are problematic even among the general population. When the element of education is part of the equation, it is easy to become worried and confused about how to tackle such a difficult topic.

Attackers may be classmates, teammates or other children who harm fellow students by:

  • Disparaging, mocking and ridiculing
  • Gossiping and spreading false rumors
  • Exposing embarrassing information
  • Threatening
  • Encouraging others to gang up on a child

Those who are targeted may feel humiliated, scared and angry. Fortunately, there may be many options for addressing these issues.

Get Legal Advice For Your Unique Circumstances

You may have arrived at this webpage with a specific situation you need help with. Griffin Newell, LLC, welcomes you. Our attorneys’ knowledge and experience in education law and advocacy for youth have prepared us to advise you.

Your concerns will naturally reflect your role in the situation. We are here for you regardless of your perspective.

  • Are you a parent or another concerned party, aware of damaging internet-based attacks on a young person under your guidance? What can you do? You may believe other students’ bad behavior toward your child goes against school rules (even if these actions occur outside of school time).
  • Are you a parent wondering how to defend your child who has been accused of cyberbullying because of texting or other electronic messages? Get legal advice about interactions on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any online medium that may lead to allegations of cyberbullying.

Whatever issues you face, we understand you need to be heard and understood. Our law firm puts a high priority on thoughtful dialogue with our clients. We also know you need answers to questions about education laws applicable in Colorado. We are here to help you explore and implement legal remedies and tools designed to protect your child with the goal of a safer educational environment.

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